53FT New (One Trip) Shipping Container


53FT New (One Trip) Shipping Container

53FT Containers are in high demand, but are only available in limited areas and in very limited numbers. They are built for the rail industry, so are wider than a standard shipping container.

Pricing of new 53FT containers is much higher than standard 40FT containers due to the specialized transport and storage costs. When stock is available the units are usually available only in Long Beach, CA.

Please contact our sales team for availability and a delivery quote before purchasing this container.

Dimensions: 53FT Long x 8FT 6IN Wide x 9FT 6IN Tall

Tare Weight: 12,103 lbs (5,490 Kg)
Maximum Payload: 72,918 lbs (33,075 Kg)
Volume (Storage Space): 3,884 cu ft (110.0 M3)


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